The Flathead River Valley is one of the most biologically important places on the planet. The valley is home to a free-flowing river with exceptional water quality. It is unmatched in North America for the variety, completeness and density of carnivore species, such as grizzly bears, that live and breed there. As rich in plant species as the Okavango Delta or the Serengeti, the Flathead is a mixing zone for plant species from north, south, east and west and is noted for its brilliant wildflowers. The Flathead is a key link for animals moving north and south through the Rocky Mountains from Montana's Glacier National Park to Canada's Rocky Mountain parks like Banff and Jasper. It is a magical place of great wildness that has never been permanently settled.

Despite the ban on Flathead mining and energy development announced by the B.C. government in February 2010, the Flathead is still urgently in need of permanent protection. Logging, trophy hunting of grizzlies and other animals, increased road access, and quarrying still threaten the Flathead and its remarkable wildlife.

With your help, the Flathead Wild team is working to create a National Park in the southeastern one-third of B.C.’s Flathead River Valley and a Wildlife Management Area in the rest of the valley and adjoining habitat.