Southern Rockies Wildlife Management Area (WMA)

Some of the best-known and most-cherished National and Provincial Parks are set in the Rocky Mountains of British Columbia, Alberta and Montana.

In the midst of international acclaim for these spectacular Parks, however, the area between them has been overlooked by all but a few. Known as the Southern Canadian Rockies, this rugged, beautiful landscape is a stronghold for vulnerable species — grizzly bears and wolverines, mountain goats and bighorn sheep, and native bull trout and west- slope cutthroat trout, however, expanding mining, forestry and other human developments threaten to fracture the landscape — with few safe havens for security or safe passages for shifting in the face of changing climate.

Designation of conservation lands such as the proposed Southern Rockies Wildlife Management Area would provide stronger stewardship to safeguard the wildlife treasures of the Southern Canadian Rockies while allowing other responsible land use.

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