When will BC protect its portion of the Crown of the Continent

Here are the "stats" 

  • Waterton Lakes National Park in Alberta (Est. 1895; 124,800 ac. / 50,504 ha)
  • Glacier National Park in Montana (Est. 1910; 1.2 million ac. / 485,623 ha)
  • Bob Marshall Wilderness (Est. 1964; 1 million ac. / 408,471 ha ) 
  • Great Bear Wilderness (Est. 1978; 286,700 ac / 116, 023 ha)
  • Castle Provincial Park and Wildland (Est. 2015, 250,000 ac / 101,171 ha)
The Akamina-Kishinena Provincial Park in BC immediately north of Glacier Park protects only  26,986 ac  (10,921 ha).

Total protected acreage in Alberta: 374,800 ac  (151,676 ha)

Total protected acreage in Montana:  2,486,700 ac (1,006,332 ha)

Total protected acreage in B.C.: 26,986 ac (10,921 ha)

The map below best illustrates the gaping hole in this regional and growing conservation success story.  


The good news is that the B.C. government is finally beginning to move.  They have agreed to "find options" to protect the wildlife corridor.  Headwaters Montana as part of the Flathead Wild Team has a voice at the table.  We are very optimistic for resolution of this issue in 2016!

Dave Hadden

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